Essentials for Transitioning to a Toddler Diaper Bag

Is it me or is almost easier to tote baby around while they’re still in your belly? I remember the first time I left the house my diaper bag was packed to the brim! But now that we’re approaching toddlerhood faster than I care to admit I’ve begun to transition my bag to a toddler diaper bag . Which thankfully contains fewer things!

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transitioning to a toddler diaper bag

One of the major things in transitioning to a toddler diaper bag was changing the bag itself. My original bag was great for the infant stage and could be used as a backpack. However, it was difficult to get anything out of it while standing and holding a baby. I’d have to take it off, find somewhere to place it, dig through it and then try to put it back on all with a baby on my hip!

toddler diaper bag crossbody

I also missed having the style and feel of a purse. My new toddler diaper bag is the Mama Martina bag! I’m a sucker for stripes and instantly fell in love with the look of it! It’s stylish, spacious and comes with a matching changing pad. It also has an exterior zip pocket easy for storing my phone and keys. My favorite thing about the bag is you can carry it with the handles or wear it as a cross body. The Mama Martina bags are super affordable and designed by a stay at home mama of 3, I love supporting small shops!


The needs of my little are different from when she was a newborn, therefore, what I carry in my toddler diaper bag is different from when she was that small.

There are a few items that haven’t changed:

  • 1-2 diapers
  • wipes
  • 1-2 small toys (because you never know when you’ll need a distraction)
  • antibacterial wipes
  • changing pad
  • my personal items (wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss)

I started keeping extra diapers and an extra outfit in my car verses my bag to help lighten my load!

My essentials for a toddler diaper bag:


Re-Play Recycled Sippy Cups and Snack Stacks

While we never did carry bottles (she wouldn’t take one!) we’ve reached the age of the sippy cup so I make sure to have one with water in it with me. I love the more vintage type look of the Re-Play Recycled brand as well as the capability to remove the no spill spout. Taking the spout out really helped her to learn how to drink out of the sippy. Of course it’s always in when we’re out and about because I don’t want my cute bag soaking wet!

I also carry their snack stacks! These are so helpful for carrying around snacks because girlfriend loves to eat! I keep snacks such as blueberries, grapes, or melties in them. And I love that the snack stacks fit into each other! All while being Eco friendly, Re-Play Recycled products are made from recycled milk jugs here in the USA!

Plum Organics Pouches

Yep, more food! I wasn’t kidding when I said my kid loves to eat! If we happen to be out during a meal these pouches are so handy. We both love Plum Organics pouches. She loves to eat them, she can down one in about 2 minutes flat. And I love that they’re made with organic and non-gmo ingredients! They have a huge selection of pouches, we’re currently loving the Seconds Blends pouches. ┬áPlus they don’t take up a ton of room in my bag.

The Flipping Holder

the flipping holder toddler diaper bag essentialswhat's in my toddler diaper bag the flipping holder

Okay y’all, this thing is GENIUS! Another mama made product, The Flipping Holder allows babies and toddlers to hold their own food and juice pouches with out the risk of them squirting it out on themselves. One end fits the food pouches and if you flip it the other end hold juice pouches and boxes. I always had to hold the pouches for Cora Beth until I discovered these. Now she can feed them to herself (praise the Lord) so this little guy goes everywhere with us as well!

Toddlers need different things than babies therefore contents of your bag must change also! Here's the essentials for transitioning to a toddler diaper bag.

It’s been so nice to transition to a toddler diaper bag and carry around less stuff everywhere we go! I honestly just can’t believe my baby going to be considered a toddler soon (cue all the mama tears)! What changes did you make to your diaper bag as your baby grew?


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Toddlers need different things than babies therefore contents of your bag must change also! Here's the essentials for transitioning to a toddler diaper bag.

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