What I’ve Learned

The process of getting our house was rather quick. Garrett and I both lived with our families before we got married but his mom was moving to Florida the May before our September wedding. Therefore, G needed somewhere to live. We looked into apartments but most of the rent was more expensive than a mortgage so we decided to look into houses. One cold February Saturday we went to look with our realtor and saw about 5 or so houses and we picked ours. We looked one day, that was it. After a lot of going back and forth we got it, and our close date was April 3rd (I think). Plenty of time for Garrett to get moved in before his mom had to move. (If I could go back I think I would’ve picked one of the new houses we looked at but God clearly had us in this house for a reason or else we wouldn’t be here.)

Before he moved in we wanted to get as much painting done as possible which means I had to pick the paint colors and let me tell ya’ll I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. If you saw my organizing your pantry for cheap post you’ll notice that in the before picture the pantry is orange and in the after it’s grey. That’s because we recently painted it, it matched the orange accent wall in our eating area (seriously, mom why did you not stop me!?)…

So the majority of the house was painted before Garrett moved in with a couple of rooms not getting painted until even after I moved in that September. Also a lot of furniture is hand-me-downs from family which I am so very thankful for! But, none of it really goes together or what I really have in mind about what I’d like our home to like. Now, however, after living there for over a year and looking at countless blogs and watching just about every episode of Fixer Upper twice, I’m finally starting to figure out what my style is. While it’ll be a continued learning process I’m excited to start transferring over our current rooms to ones I’ll actually love. And the first step of that was painting my kitchen cabinets white which then led to painting my walls, but I couldn’t paint the walls without first painting the pantry!

And now I’m trying to decide on which color to paint the kitchen/eating area and maybe in 4 months I’ll have it figured out.

What I've Learned
However, this picture doesn’t do a great job of showing the accurate colors.

But here’s a short list of what I’ve learn:

  1. Paint can fix just about anything
  2. Don’t rush into making a decision/ buying something just because you want that need filled, be patient and wait for something you really love.
  3. It’s okay to get it wrong, I’m still getting it wrong most of the time
  4. Less can be more
  5. It’s a journey, while I think we’d all love to have our house completely and perfectly furnished overnight it’s just not realistic and that’s okay


Those are just a few and I’m positive I have more to come. I’ve learned to love the house we’re in because this is where we spend our life. And ultimately the people around my kitchen table are so much more important than what the kitchen table itself looks like (although if someone wants to build me a farmhouse table I wouldn’t say no!)

Until next time,

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