“You’re a mess. Let me clean you up”

“You’re a mess. Let me clean you up” were the words I said to my 20 month old as she fought me when I tried to wipe away the bbq sauce and sweet potatoes that were covering most of her body. I’m sure I’ve uttered those words, or at least some version of them, before. But for some reason this time they were speaking to me.

How often are we like my darling daughter? We’d rather just live with ourselves a mess going on, “business as usual” than get it all picked up. It does seem like less work. And shaking our head and fighting others as they try and help us clean up our mess. Or better yet fighting God.

Turning away from His redeeming love. The One who is so very good at putting us back together. Taking our sins and wiping them away with the blood from the cross. Taking the broken and making it beautiful.

When I look at my life I don’t feel like I should feel a mess. But some days I do. Just so many thoughts rattling around in this head of mine. So many things I want to do. So many things I’m worrying about. And at times it becomes too much. It’s too scattered, to unorganized in there.

It’s as if when I uttered the words to my toddler, the Lord was speaking right through my own mouth. “Stop. You’re a mess. Let me clean you up.”

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